If a significant proportion of a community disagrees with a rule or behavior, any attempts at a CommunitySolution to enforce it are doomed, while even TechnologySolutions and LegalSolutions are hampered. The disagreement may be expressed either actively or passively. Active disagreement is the more visible problem, as attempts by those who agree with the rule to apply a CommunitySolution suffer reverts and other disruption. Passive disagreement is less visible, but may lead to a "rule" that operates in theory but not in practice.

This problem is reduced if there is a strong RightToLeave and RightToFork, as dissenting members may leave rather than staying and obstructing the CommunitySolution.

The same problem may apply to both sides of the argument. Those against some activity cannot apply a CommunitySolution to get rid of it, but those in favour of some activity cannot apply a CommunitySolution to render it acceptable or encouraged. Instead, there is an uneasy tension between the two camps.

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