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CommunityProgrammableWiki (UseMod fork)


CpwWiki is a wiki site with the capability for community members to modify the code through posting patches on the wiki. It is now working (to the best of my knowledge), (except for mod_cgi), but I need to add more comments to the Perl code for readability, and upgrade it to match UseMod 1.0. It should be possible to add most of the patches at UseMod:WikiPatches? in a couple of minutes using the method described on CpwWiki:SpwTutorial.

Update: I was running CpwWiki off my own computer for awhile, but I had to move to San Diego, so I moved to to SourceForge. Currently the software and the documentation are available at the above link, but it is not "live" (because I haven't had time to configure it to run on SourceForge's servers; there may be some issue with mod_cgi). Eventually, I plan to serve it off my computer again. – BayleShanks

Update: I'm still excited about this project. However, my small amount of spare time is currently being focused on WikiGateway. Although WikiGateway has many uses beyond the CPW project, WikiGateway is also a prerequisite for the next feature I want to add to CPW: the ability to be a WikiWindow. For example, imagine a wiki website hosted somewhere else, which views the same PageDatabase as CommunityWiki (i.e. when you edit a page there, it changes here, and vice versa), yet which allows you to rewrite its code, and therefore to add whatever features the community wishes. So, for the time being, I'm working on WikiGateway instead, at least until it's ready to support this functionality.



Right now (Nov 02), it is ready to run and looking for hosting.


MuWebWeb seemed to be working on such a concept. Apparently MuWebWeb is dead, though.


See MeatBall:WikiAsSourceControlRepository

Implementation discussions

CommunityProgrammableWiki implementation

(in response to another's comment that everytime a chance is made to the code, CPW should create a fork, to allow the community to try out the change and "vote with their feet")

I was already planning to have the thing "forkable" by request (eventually), but you're right, maybe it should fork by default to some extent. Or at the least, forking will be useful for debugging.




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