This page tells you how to get a copy of the entire CommunityWiki “source” – the scripts and the data you need to recreate this wiki, including the log files for RecentChanges, KeptRevisions? if available, and so on.

Also note the more generic instructions on BackupThisWiki – that’s the method to use if you don’t know how to use rsync and if you’re just interested in the raw wiki text.

Scripts, Data, Everything

There used to be a tarball available, but in order to conserve bandwidth we’re switching to a system using rsync. This is a tool that transfer only the files that have actually changed – an ideal property if you plan to do this on a regular schedule.

List repositories:


Get communitywiki part:

    rsync -avz communitywiki

See Wikipedia:rsync.

Error as of 2014: communitywiki is not listed

I’ve contacted the administrators of the site and hope for the backup to be back up, soon!


This should enable you to exercise your RightToFork.

And DistributedBackup?.

Define external redirect: DistributedBackup KeptRevisions