This page is the center for discussion about the CommunityWikiAssembly effort. If you’re coming here for the first time, you’ll probably want to check out CommunityWikiGovernmentMotivation and then the draft CommunityWikiBylaws.

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Declarations of support (taken out of their original context)

Discussion in 2009

DavidCary: Not exactly the same kind of “Wiki Government” we’ve been talking about, but there seems to be many things in common: “Launching a Wiki Government: Two new sites let you propose ideas for President Obama” by David Talbot 2008

Discussion in 2021

new: 2021-01-11 19:02 UTCTimurIsmagilov: Do the bylaws still work?

new: 2021-01-11 23:08 UTCLionKimbro: No, – they are defunct. There was a timeout on the updates, and it is very long expired. So this is a historical relic now.

new: 2021-01-12 13:03 UTCAlex Schroeder: I think the problem remains as unsolved as ever. How to keep control over a think in the face of constant churn without resorting to the “friendly dictator for life” model. Particularly for sporadic activities: once a decade there’s some activity on this site, in this club, on this project, and we’re leaving text – messages for the future – but we’re maybe not there to safeguard it. I’m starting to feel that maybe the ancient Egyptians would have some lessons to teach, but I don’t know where to start.

new: 2021-01-11 19:02 UTCTimurIsmagilov: To control the site, there must be someone, unless you know a way to delegate the task to a machine. It makes sense that this someone is the friendly dictator for life. But life is finite, that’s a problem for dictators. I think it makes sense to provide backups of this site which can be be preserved for the future without Alex alive or online in general. One of TransjovianCouncil’s (the organization’s) goals is to maintain such backups AFAIK. It seems that the WebArchive? has no records of Epoch 2020, by the way.

As for the ancient Egyptians, they didn’t really have any special tricks for one-way future communication. Just write down* something and hope people will get it. Thanks to their education system, the scribes were probably able to decipher older writings (not sure, need proof). Nevertheless, most people were not literate, thus they resorted to drawings for communication. We’re not ancient Egyptians, almost everyone is literate and it people of the future are expected to be literate and be able to decipher our writings, we don’t really have to do anything special.

I guess I’m thinking in a scale that is too large. Let’s just be in WikiNow, at least partially, and optimize pages for rereading.

As for [[Vandalism?]], did it happen in the past 10 years?


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