The Community Wiki Consensus is the particular WikiJoiningScript we have been using and recommending on CommunityWiki. It is a mixture of how things are actually done and how we recommend things to be done. The JoiningScript changes over time, and we've tried and rejected some items, and we're recommending items we haven't used ourselves. It is collective experience, including all the twists of time and fate and circumstance.

Joining Community Wiki

  1. Check RecentChanges
  2. Read some recently changed pages
  3. Click on some of the face pictures we use in our discussions
  4. Read some HomePages
  5. Be confused as the underlined links take you to other sites such as MeatballWiki
  6. Learn about NearLinks
  7. Follow links to personal blogs
  8. Come back and read the HowTo
  9. Add your name to CategoryHomepage
  10. Create your own homepage
  11. Keep reading and fix a typo or two on other pages
  12. Add a paragraph or two on another page
  13. Fix a broken link on another page
  14. perhaps … check out the little links in the header of every page …
  15. Other people will put welcome messages on your newly created homepage
  16. If you haven't done so yourself, somebody will add the CategoryHomepage tag to your page
  17. Reply to some messages on your homepage
  18. Learn about the portraits we use for DenotingAuthor
  19. Add your own portrait to your homepage HowToInsertYourFotoHere

Good Style On Community Wiki

  1. DocumentMode at the top, TurnBasedThreadMode (labeled "discussion") at the bottom.
  2. Use the stuff on DenotingAuthor for portraits.
  3. We like to draw diagrams for clarity.



i think "prescription" is too strong a term (verordnung, vorschrift), but i just woke up and can't yet think of a better one, especially because of the nifty construction between "description" and "prescription". :)

Too clever for my own good! :)

This is too funny. {:)}= When I originally had the idea of the "CommunityWikiConsensus", it was the idea of writing down a lot of things that we do habitually here, and why we do them.

For instance:

  • We put DocumentMode at the top, and then a Discussion section at the bottom. The Discussion section is labeled as such.
  • We put our comments one after the other. (TurnBasedVsInterruptedThreadMode)
  • We have an ethic for choosing titles, even though we haven't consciously written it down.

These ideas are foreign to most people; They are even foreign to experienced wiki-ers by other processes.

For instance, on C2, these are not norms. They happen sometimes, but they don't seem to be norms to me.

I had the funny experience of talking with someone on ESW, who was an experienced C2-er, and they were asking me, "Why are you putting "Discussion" at the bottom of all your pages?"

They thought it was nuts. :) It was at that point that I realized we have established a CommunityWikiConsensus, whether we have tried to or not.

A band has a "sound", a single musician has a "tone". A wiki, for example we, definitely has something. Let's find out what it is and how to call it. Doing so is having it and is naming it.

At first glance, the title CommunityWikiConsensus reads like a verdict or decision ("we came to a consensus"). After reading the discussion, it sounds like what is being described is tradition, convention, or perhaps even habits?

Yes, I agree with Justin that the title is misleading. The obvious title would be "CommunityWikiWikiJoiningScript?", but something shorter would be better. Ideas ? CommunityWikiTradition? ? CommunityWikiConvention? ? HowWeDoStuffAroundHere? ? WeveAlwaysDoneItThisWay? ? ListenUpYouLittleWhipperSnapper? :-) ?

So … what is the "48x48 rule" ?

That the portrait size should be arround 48x48 for DenotingAuthor.

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