The Community Wiki footer consists of various sections:


These links are context dependent. When looking at a regular page, the links are:

Edit this page to edit this page.

View other revisions to see older revisions of the page, if available. Older revisions of pages are purged over time.

Administration gets you a lot more links where you can lock pages or lock the site if you’re an administrator, enter the password to prove that you’re an administrator, and so on.

Last editor

Last edited tells you when the page was last edited, and by whom. If the editor used a username, the name links to their UserPage, and a link to the diff.


Full text search (unlike the page name matching at the top), and a language filter. The language of a page is determined using a trivial counting of small common words. You can see the languages “identified” in RecentChanges after every edit, in square brackets.


See CommunityWikiLicense.

The same page elsewhere

If an external site is listed on both InterMap and NearMap, this wiki knows whether the page you’re looking at exists on the external site and will link to it, if possible, using their respective logo.

Currently, MeatballWiki and WikiWiki are the only two such external sites. These are so-called SisterSites.


There’s a checkbox at the bottom (if your browser supports CSS). Clicking it shows up to two more sections.

Definition of external redirects. For every link to a missing page in the text above, you can define a redirection to a different site (thus, “external”) by clicking on the appropriate link down here. See LocalNames for more.

Edit Near Links. For every link that doesn’t exist locally but exists on a SisterSite you can define a page of the same name locally by clicking the appropriate link down here. See EditNearLinks for more.


EditNearLinks: WikiWiki MeatballWiki UserPage SisterSite