Green Theme, Green Logo

It's an attempt to be friendly, bright and cheery. This is in marked contrast to the more staid designs I'd tried. Tell me what you think. -- MurrayAltheim

Oh; Wow. That is radical. Sexy. -- LionKimbro
Thanks, Murray! -- AlexSchroeder
Bravo Murray! -- ChristopheDucamp
I LIKE it!! The green is COMMUNITY to me! :-) Nice job Murray! -- MarkDilley
Cool. A new colour! -- HeatherJames
Just want to say, veeerrrry noice. -- SunirShah
yes! here it is, the logo that i liked a lot. -- piranha
I like the new logo. Very funky. -- StephenGilbert



I'll leave it up for about a week after that, then pull all of it off my site (so get copies anyone that wants). File is at (450K)


Thanks all. Sunir, thanks for the colour blindness check. I'd been doing greyscale checks to see how things worked out, but not thought about what the effect would be against the green background. There should in general be enough contrast (I think) for there to not be too much of a problem. If there is I'll try to fix it in the greyscale. And Heather, yes, vibration was deliberate. It's not going to be a big logo on the page (something around 100-200 pixels square), so I thought it should jump out a bit. I'm in agreement that white can be best, but OTOH our eyes are most sensitive to yellow-green, and a very pale green was what I was after, sorta like those green legal or engineering pads. I'm open to suggestion on the colours, but I know Alex likes the greens (as do I), since it's a calming "environment". I'll experiment with getting some of the grey out (Grecian formula jokes notwithstanding...). Regarding page width, I've thought about putting a percentage-based left and right border in the CSS to squash the text into a more readable width. That's of course why newspapers use columns -- to wide is hard to read. -- MurrayAltheim

SVG Fonts

[new] As part of the graphics for a paper I'm working on, I've developed a handwritten font called "Koyo" (after my bunny) in SVG that I'll be releasing under Creative Commons license. It's not actually an SVG font, it's just a bunch of objects. If anyone knows how to convert SVG objects to an SVG font, I'd love to know (and if anyone is willing to do it, that'd be great!). -- MurrayAltheim

[new] SVG fonts are just <symbol/>s with metadata. Here's the standard for SVG fonts. Here's an anecdote: -- SunirShah

Old Logo

The old logo was created by AlexSchroeder 2003-11-08, based on some inspiration by the old MeatballLogo and SunirShah's idea of using an inverted C in the middle, similar to the ShareAlike icon [1]: Alike. You allow others to distribute derivative works only under a license identical to the license that governs your work.

For SisterSites, there is a variation of our logo:

The new (green) logo is nice. But I like Alex's (old) logo. It has this biology uterus association I liked from the first moment. -- MattisManzel

probably unnecessay further discussion


I do like the whole feel of the new design far better than the old one. It's a light forrest in May you feel well in. Thanks Murray. I've been going up and down the page, comparing the old logo with the new one. Simply replacing them would do, I feel.


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