CommunityWikiPolling goes like so:

-2 or :'(:'(
-1 or :(:(
0 or :-|:-|
+1 or :):)
+2 or :D:D
+3 or &lt;3<3

Note: Use &lt;3 &lt;3 &lt;3 !! =) rOXors my boXOrss Maaan!! and you've disqualified yourself! ;)

The names of ideas are placed in a list, and then people put how they feel about them.


Polling is not voting. It is used mainly to get a sense of how people feel about something. It should not be used where there is DeepDisagreement. If there's deep disagreement, it's probably clear: no need for a poll.


If someone could attach their affinities to the colors, so that it's not just me, that'd help make the demonstration a little bit clearer. :)

I find these icons really hard to read. Is it just me? Maybe if I increase the font size? Hmm

Wai- that's not important, Ted– How can orange be okay, but yellow make you want to cry?! That's the real issue here, I think; Don't you?

Yellow bugs me, that's all. And orange is da bomb! And increasing the font size doesn't really help. Maybe if the icons were orange, it would be better! :-)

Well, it's better than teal!