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Simple question: How do I make a link within a section header? For example see the above header.

I actually think that’s bad style, so I disabled this on purpose in my code…

Hmm. I miss links in headers too here and now. Less important links in them might be annoying but page titles for definite sub-pages or essential other pages to understand the page even should be linked in the headers, I think, as it’s where you look at when fast scaning a page. A possibly ugly graphic impression from different colors is another thing but as far as effectivity is concerned disabling them is a little disadvantage. I remember to sometimes have thought reading a long long page: What was this (essential) ‘xyz’ again? Where is the link to it? It could have been in a header on this page and I would have saved some seconds.

I’m creating a Todo list that transcludes TodoNext. Todo is the list of everything that I’ve thought of that needs doing while TodoNext is a shorter list of things that I’m actually planning to do soon soon. I want to be able to get to the TodoNext page easily from the Todo page. I’ve rethought how I laid things out and just combined them into a single page. No more need for links in section headers.

Although sometime I find it useful, I kinda agree with Alex, however, question for Alex, where is there a style guide that might say that? Best, Mark

Unfortunately, Mark, I don’t know of anybody who agrees with me. ;) I just think it’s bad style, and I don’t know of many examples on the web where headings are in fact links. It’s a personal thing.

I also think links in headings are bad style. I also think that a link dangling on a page by itself, without any context, is bad style too. Uless it’s some kind of a menu maybe…

Anyways, I know of one page that uses links in headers extensively. Maybe you’ve seen it too, it’s But I’m happy this kind of abomination is not possible with this wiki engine ;).

Hah, but that page uses permanent anchors and styles them like headers. We can do that here, too.

Useless Example

The problem is, of course, that the link target is always a search – not anything the user can control. That’s the kind of backlink search we have on the header of every page, too.