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The soup [[soup?]] of the community-wiki is provided by the page [[yahoo_-_pipes_community-wiki_-_soup?]].

services distributing our soup into other web-services
web-services including our soup
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Web-addresses shortened for the community-wiki:

yahoo pipes

Active yahoo pipes for the community-wiki:

See also the pages [[day-page-sets?]] and [[main_pages?]] and [[search_queries?]].

I would like google plus: 'wiki-net' - 2012-05-25 talk

I’ve got the [[google_plus_page_community-wiki?]] automatically importing the [[soup?]] and the page [[google_plus_community-wiki?]] manually importing posts by “plusing” them on [[google_-_reader_community-wiki?]] or [[blogger_-_community-wiki?]].

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