We often speak of ContentOverCommunity or CommunityOverContent, but in wiki it's impossible to have one without the other. ContentAndCommunity give birth to each other in a never-ending twisted feedback loop.


Content attracts community creates content inspires community organizes content defines community plans content challenges community protects content...



Uploading SVG

Hmm. I still get the error "Files of type image/svg+xml are not allowed.". I can see how they could be a security problem (I think they can have embedded Javascript), but it's also really useful to share the vector-image source for diagrams, so others can enhance/correct/improve.

I escaped the '+' sign in the MIME type, perhaps that was the problem. Want to try again?


This is an awesome page, and a critical idea. I want to integrate this into a lot of other pages.

I'm immediately thinking, WikiIsDocumentBased, SplitWiki, PublicRefineryProcess, DegreesOfEditorialControl, InterWikiCulture?,...

It occurs to me that we are constructing a theory of sorts. Maybe it's about ThePublicWeb, or maybe it's about the PublicRefineryProcess, or maybe it's some weird cybernetic thing leading towards SL4:HumanSingularity or something else like that.

Regardless, it sure is interesting..!

I'm also stoked by the use of Visual:VisualLanguage..! I want to make some images now to go with other pages. :) I am in love with Visual:SodiPodi.

So, just a side note about the VisualLanguage: I originally had done the image with "Community" in the upper-left corner, and "Content" in the lower-right corner. And then I switched it around, so they were in different places. But neither looked right -- it seemed like Community was "primary" compared to Content, or vice versa.

I realized, finally, that the UL corner of a written page is where we "start" on a written page, so anything up there was going to have an unfair advantage over something in the LR corner. The UR and the LL aren't as loaded, visually, so I switched things around, and now the two ideas look "equal" in the diagram.

VisualLanguage is so powerful!


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