See LossOfThreadLinearity for a description of the limitation that we're trying to deal with on this page.

Add time yourself

Wikis are text.

Therefore, embed temporarility in the expression of the writing. Do not rely on the architecture to give you insights as it is designed to be so weak that people have to come together to solve their problems. By forcing you to select how you express temporarility, you become more selective. Often time is irrelevant.

Keep the discussion linear

Therefore, keep the discussion on one page, and only ever reply below the previous poster. Alternate indentation to highlight who's talking. Use bold text to emphasise the emerging themes in your conversation, and thus help those who re-factor it.

Avoid the problem altogether

Therefore, write DocumentMode, and convert thread mode to document mode

Segregate Thread/Document Mode in the WikiEngine

You could also segregate ThreadMode and DocumentMode text in the WikiEngine. This approach is described on WikiFeatures:DocViewThreadViewSplit, and WikiFeatures:BuiltinThreading. That way, the technology can automatically take care of time stamps, maintain the thread tree, etc., etc.,.

Basically, rid ourselves of LossOfThreadLinearity with a TechnologySolution. -- LionKimbro

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