I see that someone is trying to set up “cosmopool: the resource sharing network” . It has a wiki. Is it similar enough to this InternetExchange that we should merge them together? (I’m particularly interested in their plans for something that sounds like a DistributedWiki).

David, thanks for that link. I am checking out CosmoPool right now. I don’t know if we should merge them together quite yet, because I’d like to have Lion’s opinion about any of this. Mostly because some of the ideas I put out on this page are diverging away from a traditional bartering exchange. So, I wonder if Lion will be against some of the ideas I am introducing.

Also, if we do merge with CosmoPool, we are gaining a wider network, but we are also cutting off existing community and relationships tied to CommunityWiki, to some extent.

I personally vote that we do not yet move InternetExchange off of CommunityWiki, and that we can think about how to instead make a CommunityWiki IntenetExchange? presence on CosmoPool, that links back to CommunityWiki, but that we carry on our activities here for a while, at least until we evolve this idea into something that stabilizes to a workable degree.

I think that right now, we can, however, work together to create an offer as a group, for resources that we can pool with CosmoPool. And so we could very effectively participate with CosmoPool that way, and I am interested in that. But, I am also interested in carrying on our experiment independently as well, so that people could engage us directly here in CommunityWiki. What do you think about that?

Also, they are now apparently still developing the actual tools and network So, at this time I think we could mostly help them by engaging them with our ideas, adn maybe trying out their software, adn giving hem feedback, which I am willing to do.

I agree w/ Sam: They’re still setting up their tools. I think we should perhaps announce ourselves to them, though, as there is interest and energy. (DavidCary?)


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