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080227 OddMuse Task (for a fee)

Thanks, Alex. I had not found that page before.

It is not apparent to me what you are trying to do, Hans? What summary are we talking about, exactly?


Sorry if I was not sufficiently clear the first time.

The Summary block at the bottom of each page contains text that appears in the RecentChanges display. For example, this page current has an initial camelCase word “OddMuse”. I’ve been asked if this could be rendered to appear in the RecentChanges display as a hyperlink. If so, then this may be an effective way to extend linking since people could easily add a CamelCase ‘tag’ or WikiBadge simply as part of the Summary comment.

I was sufficiently intrigued by this that I thought I’d ask what it would cost, and offer to pay for it, If it turns out to be as effective as we expect, then I would also be pleased to “contribute” any resulting module back to the OddMuse community, consistent with their GPL (or whatever Open Source) license folks here suggest.

  • Hopefully, this explains a bit about why I posted this request on this Co0mmunityWiki Business page. After all, if I’m going to get questions like this, all I can really contribute is a bit of funding that I am quite prepared to consider that an “investment” in OddMuse, and a bit of a reduction in my ‘karma’ burden for having benefited from the work of many others (especially Alex).

prior content...

"The business of banking has been transformed from ... 'Trusted Custody of cash' ... to ... 'Centralized Information (Servicing) of NetAssets'."

break for …“referrers”.


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