It appears that CWB will need to be able to handle “Foreign currency” transactions, since pledges as far have already been been expressed in three different currencies. Inevitably, we will need to be able to set “exchange rates”, so I suggest we do this properly and design the bank’s software to recognize many other currencies, rarher than just these three. In fact, it may even make sense to be able to exchange value with other wiki community banks.


“different currencies”: here a procedure happens again, which by the way once produced the exixtence of money (if you want to compare for instance 6 goods, you can compare each one with(to) each other, then there are 5+4+3+2+1=15 sorts of comparison . if you compare all 6 goods with(to) for instance gold, then there are only 6 sorts of comparison (prices)) .
thus for the currencies we need a standard of cmparison too . a sort of super gold or world currency . - sigi