Transaction ledger(s)...

Testing this page as a Transaction Ledger

First transaction is a loan to Lion from two "pledges"


Well, I am becoming the first user of the CommunityWikiBank.

I’d like to withdraw $1,500 USD from the bank.

That is:

The situation is thusly:

When you’re buying a car, more money down means more comfortable bank means less interest.

“Great! I can rely on the bank!”, I thought.

I called up TedErnst, and he said that $500 would be okay, but he’ll need to talk with the gf of course.

I don’t have HansWobbe’s cell #, in fact, I don’t know that he even has one (I think he tries to not have a phone,) so I couldn’t call, but, based on my recollections of things he’s said here and elsewhere, I thought, “I don’t think that’ll be a problem for him.”

So, here it is. I have until August 24th, to collect the money into my bank account.

There are no payment plans proposed here, but I would like to pay back $200/month.

So the pay schedule would look like:

Actually, paying out bills is so tedious, I’d probably just pay off the rest of Ted/Hans all at once, some point before.

Note that, we are not in a “dangerous situation” here; Should either Ted or Hans or both of you be unable to support the loan, we are not “in trouble.” We have a number of avenues untapped, and will be okay, by another route.

Also, if we need to restructure how these things pay out, we can do that as well.

Does this sound ok?

Yes, for my part.

W00t! Thank you, HansWobbe. :)

My address is 19711 112th Ave NE #C-107, Bothell, WA 98011.

Make checks payable to “David Kimbro” (legal name.)

You can email me, LionKimbro @, with repayment address / details.

  • I’ll have a a cheque mailed to you on Tuesday (Monday is a holiday here and all offices are closed). – Hans.

“Tell him I am very very very grateful,” says Amber. :)

Ledger (software) discussions

Hans, meet Ledger. :)

In a PhoneCall with JulianKrause, I was made to understand that this program is…

  • (A) awesome,
  • (B) does everything,
  • (C) including currency exchange.

I believe this may very well be the program you have been looking for.

Let me cite the manual here:

 Ledger is an accounting tool with the moxie to exist.  It provides no
 bells or whistles, and returns the user to the days before user
 interfaces were even a twinkling in their father's CRT.
    What it does offer is a double-entry accounting ledger with all the
 flexibility and muscle of its modern day cousins, without any of the
 fat.  Think of it as the Bran Muffin of accounting tools.
    To use it, you need to start keeping a ledger.  This is the basis of
 all accounting, and if you haven't started yet, now is the time to
 learn.  The little booklet that comes with your checkbook is a ledger,
 so we'll describe double-entry accounting in terms of that.
    A checkbook ledger records debits (subtractions, or withdrawals) and
 credits (additions, or deposits) with reference to a single account:
 the checking account.  Where the money comes from, and where it goes
 to, are described in the payee field, where you write the person or
 company's name.  The ultimate aim of keeping a checkbook ledger is to
 know how much money is available to spend.  That's really the aim of
 all ledgers.
    What computers add is the ability to walk through these transactions,
 and tell you things about your spending habits; to let you devise
 budgets and get control over your spending; to squirrel away money into
 virtual savings account without having to physically move money around;
 etc.  As you keep your ledger, you are recording information about your
 life and habits, and sometimes that information can start telling you
 things you aren't aware of.  Such is the aim of all good accounting

I’m looking through this; It’s all text file and command line based. I really think this may be the jackpot.

I’ve met the author, John Wiegley. He’s an awesome Emacs hacker. :ok: I’ve used ledger for a while. I just didn’t have a good use-case, because I’m lucky enough not to live on a tight budget, and so the thing fizzled.

Thank you both for these comments. They are very helpful in several different contexts that I am currently working in…

  • One of enterprises I am working on is trying to help a national utility provide better services to its business customers and the idea of “aggregating” (using XML feeds) their accounting data is under intense discussion.
  • Also, dataFix’s mapping initiatives are striving to “join” company information via various common “tags” such as Accounting Line Items (e.g. Revenues, Expenses, Income, EPS, …, SIC and NAICS codes & geocodes & dunnAndBradstreet numbers.)
  • Finally, Sunir’s new job is with a company that sells Accounting software, wiith the result that there are a number of common interests there as well.

I’ll start pondering how it might be possible to meld all of this interest into a worth-while endeavour.

Well, I was also thinking of - the CommunityWikiBank.

I remember in our conversations that you think the CommunityWikiBank’s software needs provisions for handling currency exchange.

My understanding from my conversation with Julian is that there are provisions in this software for currency exchange, setting exchange rates, and so on.

At any rate; I’m glad this seems to do something for you. ;)

One of the reasons that I’m excited by this is that I think it will do a great deal for ALL of us (that believe in Open Source).

A few quick points…

  • Consider receiving a record of your banking transactions as an RssFeed? (ideally almost in real time, but daily will be more than adequate for now.)
    • All you should need to do is Tag each trasaction with a couple of “General Ledger” code(s) that will be adequate to direct your accounting software regarding the type of transaction (Capital Equipment; Revenue type; Expense category; …)
    • Eureka! … dramatically less data entry that is currently needed.
    • Copy the transaction log to a reliable third party site and “Instant” Notification, Reconcilliation, effective net Settlement capabilities and Adjudication of financial records – all supported by the time-honored Reputation TrustMetric(s) of a self-policing Community!!
    • Add just a few other
  • I know this might not seem like a big deal to you since you bank in the US, but in Canada… where the monopoloy power of the 5 banks is intensified by such concentration… wow!!)
    • On the other hand, many of the .us Fortune 500 companies use SAP as their “enterprise” class accounting software. Think “7 figure” annual software expenses just for the accounting module, much less the other modules that are inevitably part of an integrated ‘up sell’ exercise.
    • Now, I’m perfectly happy starting small, and focusing on the Small Business segment of the Accounting software market. However, I can’t help but believe that if we did this, we would really jump-start CWB(usiness, as opposed to …Bank).

Interesting. The only other OpenSource software that I know of, that can do some of these things, is GnuCash and Cyclos.

Would be neat to see what Hans describes above working. This is similar to some goals we have with BarCampBank:P2PMoney. The ideas that Hans has above could be applied to money pooling and revenue sharing.

I can commit to meeting once every month, and sometimes twice in a month, meeting for about 2-4 hours each time. This isn’t meant to constrain the Ting; It’s just my personal ability to commit right now.

I’d like for there to be an agenda for meetings, and then “slack time” in the remainder, for whomever is free to talk.

MattisManzel will be very excited to hear about this. :)

My ability for exitement has lessened a bit recently but Yes! Confirms.

It seems the right step, very good, Hans! Make it work for Dollars and Euros and all the other Fiat-currencies without a license. We’ll just have to replace it with an open and free currency (free not as in free-beer) before or when it’s done.


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