Cyberrachel is TimurIsmagilov’s home PersonalWiki available in his home network only. It runs MycorrhizaWiki and is currently hosted on [[Orange_Pi?]] Lite.


Rachel is my favorite female name, thus I chose it. But I don’t like its English pronunciation, I prefer Russian Рахиль, which is more like Rakhil. Russian name is canonical: Киберрахиль. There’s also Hebrew name: קיבררחל


As of 2020-12-31, there are exactly 1000 hyphae there. Half of them are copies of content I made in other places such as blog, gemlog, several Telegram channels, tweets and stuff. The other half is unpublished.

I store texts (fiction and non-fiction) and images (drawings, photos, X-files (LionKimbro must remember what these are)). There is also AggregatedInformation.

Cyberrachel and other people

I do not want people to have access to it. It would do no good, actually. But some stuff from it occasionally gets published. Also, if I ever get famous and people want to research me, I’ll give permission to do so after I die. It’ll be quite interesting for them to do, actually.

Z and Tip hyphae

I have a hypha named Z; its subhyphae are themed collections of AggregatedInformation. For example, Z/biologia holds some information about biology. I try to keep the themes quite vast. Various sciences are great.

These hyphae consists of links and quotes taken from the linked materials. I often embed pictures there. Keeping cool stuff like that sure is great.

Actually, Z is short for ZettelKasten, but that Z-approach is really far away from the kasten. Although they are interlinked, they are not really atomic.

But subhyphae of hypha Tip sure are atomic! I generally keep guides and instructions there, such as “How to cook pelmeni”.

Both Z and Tip lack original content. The rest of the wiki is full of it, though.


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