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David- I’ve moved our conversation on Awareness to:


If you want to “unpack” it, feel free to do so. :)


Hello and congratulation for the 040101 00:01 entry. 2004 and we’re all still here. A damn miracle, as usual. 040101 10:57 CET (for orientation only and as the earth is a pretty big ball that it is turning by 360° once a day) – MattisManzel

I felt a little geeky making the first MeatballWiki change in 2004; in my own defense I’ll say that we were all sitting around watching the ball drop and singing Auld Lang Syne and everything, but being a bit of a multitasking bunch we also had a couple of laptops out, and I just happened to hit “save” at 00:01. *8)

talk about awareness

Alas, the Awareness wiki seems to be offline. Where else would you like to talk about it? There seems to be a lot of discussion of awareness at Kurzweil's MindX forum, but I find I’m starting to get a bit snobby about the inherent superiority of wiki over linear discussions.

Out of the 1000 known public wiki, I would hope “awareness” would be on-topic on at least one of them.

Perhaps one of these would be appropriate, at least temporarily?


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