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The word "debate" just means to me- you have two people at a podium, trying to win over the audience. the Art of Controversy, recently linked by AlexSchroeder. (We need to make a LocalNames namespace pointing to each part of that book.) That kind of thing.

I feel you are talking about a type of conversation that is not a debate, not a bitter confrontation, but still a struggle over ideas.

I don't know good names for these different grades of struggle and exchange.

But, "debate"'s just not doing it for me, personally.

The page DivergingArguments makes the case that diverging arguments harm an argument, not strengthen it. The conclusion is: "Keep it linear."

I agree that the term "debate" is not that great. Neither is "argument". I've been struggling about what I mean exactly :-P

"two people trying to win over an audience" - hmm, there's an element I haden't put my finger on here. Conversation when there is a DeepDisagreement is different, becuase you're not trying to "win over" or convince the other side (nor are you particularly being open minded and willing to change your mind). Rather, you're trying to either map out your differences (agree to disagree) or convert the public.

So I think I'm trying to talk about overcoming deep disagreements, or at least handling them in a creative way. deep disagreements are the key point. It's not really conflict, nor discussion. It's when you know beforehand that it's very unlikely you'll agree (though you may change your positions). "debate" seems the best word for that (dialectics ?), but it still seems too specific.

I'm interested in politics, in religion. But I'm not that interested in having a shouting match with someone who disagrees with me. I would, however, be quite interested in mapping differences in a creative way, because I believe differences awaken and sharpen the mind. It's good for every topic to be under hot fire, for you to take nothing for granted, and justify everything. It can uncover new truths, it can give a better idea of where you stand, and why.

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