deep linking

Making links work in a page transclusion by using full urls for all links on the page that is transcluded.

There is CleanLinking - in “clean linking” it’s clean linking. Now there is also deep linking.

DeepLinking is a way to make links work in transcluded pages. See for example oddwiki-center: messages to the wikis - best in edit mode - which is transcluded into (amongst others) city-wiki-center: messages from oddwiki. In order to make the links work in the transclusion you have to use the full urls on the transcluded page. The usual links in CamelCase or near-links and so on do not work as links when viewed in the transclusion. They do on the transcluded page itself but not on the page it is transcluded into.
This means for a link to for example the RecentChanges here you’d have to write which definetly looks better clean linked as recent changes.

Deep linked pages are transcluded into other pages. They have to be written with all links as full urls.

DeepLinking opens up some possibilities. You can now commonly and centrally maintain essential pages for a bunch of wikis in one place. Deep linking looks ugly in edit-mode but is fairly useful.

Another page style that makes good use of such local anchors is to place a ltst, perhaps as a mini table, of the internal anchors near the top of the page ( AboveTheFold ). The internal anchors can still be accessed directly and there is now also an bovious way of reaching these destinations for others how merely open the page.

This concept may be particularly useful when it also takes advantage of the oddmuse capability to automatically transclude the first segment of a page into a summary page.

Some brain-teasing about the possibilities of deep-linking is on oddwiki-center: 2006-06-10 / talk. The local name link on it to this page here (“deep-linked”) was a surprise for me. :)

Hans: I’d be very interested to check “the oddmuse capability to automatically transclude the first segment of a page into a summary page” on oddwiki. Isn’t implemented (yet), we need some traffic before it really makes sense. So there is no hurry. But I think it’s great and we will need it.


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