You've written your OnlineDiary. Played around with LifeInText. Perhaps engaged in a bit of WebExhibitionism, even. And now you're concerned that you've joined a CommunityOfGlassHouses, and will never be safe again.

Therefore, use a LegalSolution: take out a defensive copyright, and ensure that your community isn't OpenContent. Though everything you write is copyrighted by default, there are measures you can take to make it stronger, intimidate people who AvoidLegalRisk, and weaken FairUse. For example:

But, this doesn't work. How much do you think copyright helps when famous people find that their letters have been made public by the recipient, or their phone conversations recorded? If it doesn't do anything for the royal family, why would it do anything for you?

See also: WikiCopyright, CopyLeft, etc, etc

the above text is PrimarilyPublicDomain and is not legal advice.


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