Delegation is a strategy to use against InformationOverload.

Find people intermediaries that will scan the raw news feeds for you and extract what might be of interest for you.


Some people claim that WebLogs are moving in this direction.

Weblogs seem like they could be a powerful tool for filtering news. However, most weblogs that I see aren't committed to minimizing the frequencies of their posts. In other words, instead of posting only the very best stories, most weblogs seem to post any old thing which the author came across, and in addition, updates on the author's personal life. These sort of weblogs aren't very well suited to the task of filtering.

Email lists

"Low-volume" email lists can be created with the intention of posting especially interesting news

For some reason, I don't see many of these. There are plenty of topical interest email lists which post only "annoucements" and/or "interesting news" without discussion, and many of these are moderated, i.e. you must get permission to post to them.

However, most of these lists accept any announcement or news item which is on-topic and which come from approved members. I don't seem to hear about many lists (in my areas of interest) which are dedicated to rejecting all news items except the most critical/interesting ones.


A wiki for news would have the advantage of allowing a collaborative editing process to determine which news is "front page" news that is worth reading. See NewsWiki.


A system like a wiki, but in which the RecentChanges is augmented by lists of recommendations.

See ViewPoint, RatingGroup.

WebOfTrustModeration and SocialRouting

In WebOfTrustModeration, you see news that is considered interesting by other people, and the opinions of your friends are weighted higher. This essentially automates the process of forwarding interesting news to your friends. A more flexible and decentralized variant of the same concept is AutomatedSocialRouting? (for now see brudnopis-wiki: social routing), in which each user may specify their own algorithm for deciding to whom to forward each piece of news. The term "SocialRouting?" might also be used to describe what goes on naturally when you forward a piece of news to someone whom you think would be interested.

Collaborative recommender systems

Similar to as Amazon's book recommender, but applied to news items.


This is not really a orthogonal category, but you can use SharedBookmarks? system for coordinating the delegation.


A friend of mine, Dana Dahlstrom, suggested the following: if after filtering, there are still too many interesting news items, then the items could be automatically partitioned into manageable subsets which are then each assigned to one person. It would be possible for various "groups" to register themselves with the algorithm; the algorithm then ensures that each group get every piece of interesting news delivered to at least one of its members. Groups could represent a group of friends with shared interests, or members of a research lab trying to keep up with the latest literature.

See also SharedBookmarks? (brudnopis-wiki: shared bookmarks).

Other semi-automated systems

By semi-automated, we mean a system which uses technology to help you make use of other users' opinions on what to read.

Traditional newspapers

Are expected to select the most interesting news for you.

However, I don't think they do a good job in the face of InformationOverload. The problem is that newspapers are geared to produce the same amount of news each day. Even if nothing critical happens, they still try to entice you into reading the paper with front page headlines. For the task of reducing the amount of information that the user faces, you would want something like a newspaper, but which attempted to have as few "front page" stories as possible; i.e. most days there would be no "front page" stories, so as to avoid wasting the user's time.

Late. But there could be a wiki world newspaper, couldn't it? Like wikipedia is an encyclopedia (better: it's 50+) there could be one multilingual, commonly evaluated and "ranked" "daily" (that's permanent) and locally adapted newspaper. With thousands of local subsections. There could be even monolingual printed issues of this newspaper. For the park.


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