The way to mark a page for deletion on this wiki is to put the word "DeletedPage" as the first word on the page. (En français, voir EffacezMoi)

This does not delete the page immediately, but rather marks it for future deletion. The page won't be deleted until it has been inactive (no edits) for two weeks. This way deletion can only happen with everyone's consent.

When maintenance runs, all pages at least 14 days old and marked for deletion will be deleted, including all their KeptPages. The log of recent changes, including the name of the page, the summaries, the timestamps, the contributors, and any other meta data stored in the log will not be deleted.

When marking a page for deletion, please explain why your are deleting it: Spam, ShallowPage, Insulting -- just put "DeletedPage" on the first line and a short explanation on the second line. Example:

    -- ShallowPage


    -- moved to FooBar

Putting only "DeletedPage" on the first line will put the page in the deleted page cluster. This is very useful if you are deleting a large amount of pages at the same time.

WhenToDeleteAPage has some community guidelines for page deletion.

If you want to save a copy of a page marked for deletion

The software will not delete anything for the first two weeks. The "View all changes" at the bottom of each page will allow you to see past versions of the page for at least two weeks. You may want to save it immediately, though, so that you don't forget to get back to it before the two weeks are up.

Pour effacer une page en LangueFrançaise

Lisez la page EffacezMoi.

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