We like people to try and use VisualLanguageOnCommunityWiki. Right now, using it is a bit clumsy. Basically we have determined that using the SVG format makes editing of images very comfortable. Our preferred tool to create these images is InkScape (FreeSoftware).

Since browser support for inlining SVG images is weak, there’s an additional problem: We want to upload both the SVG file for others to modify, and we need to upload a PNG export of the file that we can use in our pages.

The convention foes like this:

  1. For a page called FooBar,
  2. Upload an image to the page called FooBarImage, which you can include on the FooBar page using [[image:FooBarImage|alt text]],
  3. and upload the source to the page called FooBarSource.

If you feel like messing around with your Inkscape installation, you can try to automate this process. The OddmuseToInkscape page has instructions for the intrepid hacker-wannabe.

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