DifficultPerson is a relative term introduced on the CommunityRoles map.

The term doesn’t seem to be defined yet; It’s likely that the developer(s) haven’t gotten around to fleshing it out yet.

Roughly: If someone says that X is a difficult person, it means that X is somehow a source of discord within the community.

The term was created because a replacement was needed for “Troll,” because that connotates still other things – intentionality, playing the system, and so on.

It is important to note that DifficultPerson is not an absolute judge of character. It just means: “More than an UnwantedVisitor?.”

We are all difficult people at some point, some where. Yet communities have need of policies for handling (and possibly ejecting) difficult people, should RadicalInclusiveness not be a priority.


Should MeatballWiki:DifficultPerson be defined, we may find advantage in simply deleting this page.

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