Don't hate the playa; hate the game. -- Ice T

One particular aspect of AssumeGoodFaith is that we concentrate on the quality and effect of contributions by community members, and not on the personality or character of the member themselves.

A particular place where we often fail to AssumeGoodFaith is in conflicts. Although there are some contributors who thrive on conflict (WhatIsaTroll), most do not. Conflicts can be incredibly frustrating, but it's important not to take those frustrations out on other, perfectly well-meaning community members. Use the frustration to fix the conflict instead.

Not hating the player means realizing that entirely sane, rational, non-child-molesting citizens can in fact get involved in conflicts. Even more incredibly, it's actually possible for those individuals who conflict with you to have healthy brains, normal social and family relations, and fingernails free of encrusted hair and blood. Really! It's amazing but true!

For these reasons, it's important to address resolving the conflict and not resolving the opponent. Some good guidelines:


[fr]Ca c'est grande: [en]You are not the issue; they are not the issue; the issue is the issue.



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