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I'm new to this Wiki, and trying to figure out how to get a user name. Maybe this is it!

It is. Hi Douglas. MattisManzel 2004-09-15 13:41 UTC

Hi Mattis. Lot of interesting developments going on in the communications industry, and wikis are one of them. I'm an industry economist at the FCC. You can find some of my work on the communications industry at

lol, this was the first and the best licenese agreement I ever read! And poetry is dancing on the rope of embarrasement without falling. Just like your brother does (just use a rope instead of a mountain ;)). Didn't get into the economic things, I don't even know all these terms in German, but there is a slight sensation, a somehow indestroyable hope inside of me that you might even be a good person to help making a non-corrupt, a fair virtual global currency, a curreny we know how much there is of (unlike Dollars and Euros and what else they're called).
How to insert your foto here?

Welcome! The papers on your page seem like heavy reading. The one I looked at was 150 pages and 1MB. Too much for skimming. :) I read the first few pages, it reminded me of the spectrum stuff in FutureOfIdeas. And so I saved it in my folder of interesting documents to read in the future. – AlexSchroeder


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