Yup, a lot of Drama Characters are popping up.

(This may not be the best for them. But they’re not exactly DramaticIdentities either).

This could work quite well with the UseRealNames policy - something that isn’t a real name is assumed to be some kind of dramatic identity, and falls under a different convention - it can be modified by anyone (I can replace what TechnoPhil says by what I think he should say - but I can’t do that to LionKimbro)

Note that it’s not impossible to sign with both a DramaCharacter and a RealName (as I did a moment ago). Using a character doesn’t mean hiding one’s identity. It’s just means that one is talking “as somebody else”, and doesn’t mind if that’s refactored / modified.

I’d say that if I sign something with TechnoPhil and EmileKroeger (generally, using the TechnoPhil icon and adding my name at the end), it means that I agree whith what I’m writing. If I don’t sign, I may be playing DevilsAdvocate (Or just not feel like signing).

(none of this is written on stone, feel free to experiment !)

Cast of Characters

I’m the InterMind (some people call me the HiveMind. I don’t like how it sounds. My picture sucks).

I am GoogleBot. I control earth !

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Ph34r my l33t sk1llz !

I’m an advocate of KeepItSimpleStupid and PlainTalk. I think my current name sucks.

Specialized vocabulary specific to the specific universe of discourse is required for the process of communication.

So, you can’t talk without jargon?

Of course talking without jargon could be done by persons such as myself. But such speech would suffer the loss of all the subtle nuances that such aforementioned vocabulary makes possible.

I’m just an old guy who lacks a real defining personality.

I’m a better SockPuppet.

I’m some mellow environmentalist guy. I should probably get another name, since I don’t really represent the Greenpeace organization. Any suggestions ?

TreeHugger?? VegetarianPhil??

I’m afraid I’m a single-issue character, fully focused on NuclearEnergy. Maybe I should become TechnoCrat? to have a wider use ? Or be subdivided into TechnoPhil, TechnoCrat?, SkepticalEnvironmentalist? (long :-P) and MadScientist? ?

I’m the father of all wiki !

I’m the biggest of all wiki ! I know everything !

I’m a shootoff of CeeTwo, and father to CommunityWiki. I’m interested in wikis and communities.

Possible Future Characters

… any other suggestions ?


Hmm, how about WikiPuppet? instead of DramaCharacter ? Seems more obvious a name …

:In french, we could speak of a PoupéeWiki. Could help us to design CraoWiki:CraoWikix?

Weird – I can see the last dramatic character, MeatballWiki, in the normal view, but now while I am editing this page, that last character looks invisible in the preview.


Define external redirect: WikiFaery NeoPhite SkepticalEnvironmentalist TechnoCrat AnarchistActivist WikiPuppet AnnArchist TreeHugger VegetarianPhil AmishAmy AnArchist CraoWikix MadScientist

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