These are notes I am working on towards an article.

  • all of these will see a future, but that future is divergent


or “WikiTheEqualizer?

  • changes in communication habits
  • need for participation, and therefore openness
  • increased flatness of social structures
  • need and pain of transparency
  • need for common habits and expectations
  • evolution of common culture


  • dream: network ideas into basic parts
    • that is, it’s Cartesian
  • DonaldNoyes, principal modern avatar
  • future in the SemanticWeb
  • future in UserInterface that supports spatial arrangement of ideas
  • prophecy: one day, every thought will be connected in the great wiki in the sky, and all things will be complete; if someone has a new creative thought, the place(s) in the wiki for it will absorb it, and right action will be adjusted to account for the new insight


  • dream: you write something, come back a month later, and it’s evolved beyond you
  • essentially, a gift exchange
  • mutual review & criticism club
  • exists at C2 and Meatball for cultural reasons
  • lots of intentioned work, must be a core value



  • scratch pad
  • app server
  • work tool
  • file system
  • CMS
    • blog



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What’s even more interesting about this is that my professor, Terry Brooks, has taken the content I created for this wiki and will be using it to teach a class in the fall. You can check it out here. I'm sure he'd appreciate any comments or suggestions.


Hi Lion, this is an interesting page. The “wiki does everything poorly” shows how much our dreams are ahead of development and how much we may expect in the future. For we could just say “hey, that’s perfect, everybody can take notes and write to the web, that’s perfect, that’s it” and just walk on.

If dreaming, I would add a section WikiSocialEffects?, that contains that change in communication habits, the need for participation and therefore openness, the increased flatness of social structures, the need and pain of transparency, the need for common habits and expectations, the evolution of common culture, …

A bit late of me, but,… you’re absolutely right! I’ve included it here, right at the top.

Nice structure. I’d be happy to follow your thoughts on RêvesDeWiki.


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