On this wiki and using the default green CSS underlined links are so-called NearLinks. Here’s an example: MeatballWiki.

NearLinks point to pages on other wikis. Browsers will usually show the name of the target site in a tooltip if you let the mouse pointer rest on the link.

This allows us to treat the pages from wikis on the NearMap as if they were local pages. It also makes it a bit harder to create our own local copies of these pages, because we usually can’t see the edit link to these pages.

Whenever these underlined near links appear on a page, they will be listed in the light green EditNearLinks box at the end of the page. Those links will take you straight to a local edit page for these pages. Using these links will create a local copy of these pages. Do this if you don’t want to take a discussion to another site.

You can Specify a different CSS for this wiki.



[new] What about a feature to StartFarLinks?? Sometimes I want to edit a NewPage (WantedPage) at a Wiki on the NearMap, rather than on the current Wiki. – AaronHawley

You just use normal interlinks.

ex: Wiki:SomeNewPageThatDidntExistBefore

[new] You’re right. I’m proposing a feature that wouldn’t require perfixing with the interlink . If a page has WantedPages links, still suffix with the question mark (”?”) to start the page on this Wiki, but at the footer of the page where perhaps the NearLinks items are, there could be “StartNearLinks?” with each WantedPage prefixed with each Wiki on the NearMap.

The idea--in the spirit of NearLinks--is to promote having local links go to articles located on the more appropriate Wiki. – AaronHawley

I think I understand your intention (help InternetConcentration, help put documents on wiki that are more appropriate for the subject, etc.)

I don’t understand the mechanism you are describing. Something about WantedPages, and having links to remote pages there. I don’t quite know what.

[new] I’ve tried cleaning up my proposal above.

Tangent: Have you read SplitWiki or HubAndSpokeWikis?

[new] I’m not too interested in CommunityWiki epistemology, but I get the gist of those article. I’m not too concerned with the big picture of maintaing Wiki “critical mass” or “shoe horning topics” but I’m all for keeping page articles Wiki on-topic. For instance, the reason I’d like this feature is to incidentally create a link to a name, say “StefanMonnier?”, but make sure the PersonPage? arrives at the right Wiki, and not this one. This is all admittedly hard to explain for me. – AaronHawley


Define external redirect: StartNearLinks StartFarLinks PersonPage StefanMonnier

EditNearLinks: WantedPage WantedPages MeatballWiki