I’m looking for a wiki where everyone could post ideas, photos from any mail client (PC or mobile device). I think this could be used within a company where employees are generaly not familiar with anything outside MS office suite and emailand bring them to discover wiki’s power.

Email-to-wiki is one of many ContentRouting systems.



Do you know a wiki that offers this functionnality ?

Cat-wiki with that functinaltity might increase the awareness for the fact that everybody, even I, can publish whatever on the net dramatically. (Gotta google for cat-wiki) is not what I mean. I mean wikis about cats and other hobbys which are rather mass participation over contents. I like cats btw. --MattisManzel

thank you Mattis for your answer, but i didn’t find anything in googling cat-wiki, maybe i’m too stupid. Could you help me a little further ?

Sorry Olivier, I should make full phrases. I meant I have to google for cat-wiki myself. We used the term when we met on the congress (where prepared for running a wiki-hive like oddwiki) as for wikis that take a lot of space and bandwidth but don’t produce much of interesting contents. People make homepages about their cats, upload pics of them and discuss cat-food and similar. There must be space for that, absolutely. When the hive is up I will probably try on a pet-wiki. Sorry for the confusion.

I wrote a little filter that I use on my account. When it gets mail from my cell phone, it generates a automatic pagenames and posts the text and attached pictures on my wiki blog. The technical part is trivial, therefore. To progress further in this direction I think we would need to do a real implementation – for example on Community Wiki. That’s the only way to actually discover all the design issues involved.

Simplest possible solution:

    $ mail -s CW:SandBox

This will append “foo” to the SandBox.

At least it works when I am logged into taoriver – I’m not sure email access works from the outside.

I guess not:

    <>... Deferred: Connection refused by
    Warning: message still undelivered after 4 hours
    Will keep trying until message is 5 days old

See also TransparentEmail



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