(No, I actually never wear glasses like that)

So, I’m French and working at Ubisoft in Shanghai.

I’m interested in languages, the semantic web, translation, learning, democracy, collective intelligence, game design, wikis, artificial languages and suchlike.

Wiki stuff I’m into :

A lot of ideas on CommunityWiki and MeatballWiki are relevant to the design of DreamStones?, when the game actually works (well, it’s playable now, but doesn’t really have a permanent world yet) it will be an interesting test on SoftSecurity and the like …

I’m interested on any kind of feedback on all that ! :)

(I used to have a blog at http://flammifer.blog-city.com, but blog-city’s been banned in CHina for quite some time now, so I can’t post or even read it (without some voodoo magic) any more :P)

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Interesting, I had to try again four times before I could get AboutVoting to fully load. Apparently that pages contains too many sensitive keywords, like “democracy” and “voting”, and the great magical firewall of China tells it to stop loading ^-^ (I’ve already seen that happen before on pages about Tian An Men). It does the same thing if I try to pass through an anonymiser proxy. But it ends up working if I insist, apparently the process is pretty random.

I hope that page doesn’t get too much interesting dicussion :)

Interesting Émile. How about the french translation document dropped AuSujetDuVote (without any discussion) ? Can you load it ?

Yup, french keywords don’t count it seems :) (However, I did the mistake of trying AboutVoting again, and the emacswiki was temporarily banned (always returning “the document contains no data”). That happens for some google searches too (I just did a search for “freedom”, and now any google query only returns “the document contains no data”, the effect should dissipate in maybe 30 minutes - talk about thought control !).

Bonjour Émile. Que dirais-tu de continuer de parler de la suite du ThéâtreWiki qui pourrait amener à la rédaction collaborative de scénarii vidéo sur wiki ? j’aimerais bien réfléchir un de ces jours sur un truc type CraoWiki:CommentLeWikiPeutIlAiderPourEcrireDesVidéos? ? Serais-tu prêt à faire un SkypeTalk? un de ces jours à ce titre.

Salut !

Hmm, faudra que j’aille voir ca, j’ai arrêté de lire CraoWiki ces derniers temps, et même les grosses discussions récentes ici j’ai fait que les survoler. Je suis pris (a nouveau) par DreamStones?, qui me vole mes jours et mes nuits (Mais je progresse bien ! =) )

Cela dit pour Theâtre Wiki je devrais pouvoir trouver du temps :) Pour la vidéo, hmm, pourquoi pas mais à mon avis d’abord faire marcher ça pour une conversation “normale” ce serait pas mal :) Faut que je sarcle la conversation sur le nucléaire pour la rendre plus succinte et lisible. J’imagine que c’est un peu l’ampleur du travail qui me repousse.

Bon il est deux heures et demi du mat, pas l’heure à laquelle le cerveau fonctionne correctement, j’irais voire craowiki demain, et on pourra ptêt s’attrapper sur Skype aussi, y’a six heures de decalage entre Paris et Pekin, donc soit avant le déjeuner en France (10 - 12h, 4-6h pour moi), soit apres le dîner en Chine (2-6h, 8h-12h pour moi). (En résumé, je suis vivant mais hors combat pour le moment)

Merci. Houlà compliqué le décalage ! Faudrait vraiment installer un plugin d’horloge analogique à côté de l’IndicationAuteur et de l’IndicateurDisponibilité? dans ces futures applications de téléphonie-wiki-édition-collaborative ? Bon on a tout le temps Émile. Pas sûr d’être disponible demain sur Skype. Si je suis en Normandie, le réseau est x-lent Plutôt semaine prochaine dirons-nous ? Donc ptêt oui sinon bon week-end.

Oh my! This DreamStones looks like a project of my dreams! No, really. I had some pretty similar ideas back in the days when I was just starting to experiment with crpg game development. I don’t have much to add to the project right now, apart from several hundreds of my old ideas, and the artwork I alrade made and am going to made if/when it is needed. There is some game graphics I have of my home page for taking. Feel free to use it if you like it.

Hey, it looks cool! I’ll have to download those files, see if I can do something with them :) Do you have a license for your graphics - something like CreativeCommons? Or are they public domain?

DungeonWeb?, eh ? … hmmm … Dammit! More stuff to read! :)

Do you still have the illustrations you made for “On Drawing When You Don’t Have Ideal Tools” Visual:LongImageIncorporationProcess ?

Yup, I uploaded them and put them back on that page.

I’ve been pretty inactive here recently, but still occasionally come around and lurk …

Whoops, got a “No space left on device” error, so I couldn’t save my changes on VisualWiki

Anyway, here are the pictures:







I like it. Thank you.

(p.s.: I think the problem at http://VisualWiki.org/ is fixed now …)


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