This page documents the short-hands our wiki engine supports to provide some VisualLanguageOnCommunityWiki.



Named emoticons:

:tentacle::tentacle: : : : :

You can of course also use Unicode characters (&#x0100; ⇒ Ā).

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We’re missing: A blank white box with black border, and the same, but with an X or a checkmark in/extending-out-of it.

I’ve added :check::check: und :empty::empty: because font support is not guaranteed, unfortunately.

On my own wiki, I’ve found that I don’t use many of these icons. I think that some of them have no clear emotional message like :anchor: :wheel: :jellyfish:. On the other hand, some of them are used again and again – eg. all those that express joy and anger: :smile: :cry: :evil: :wry: :sad: :blink: :ok: :sucks: :grin: :round-heart: :star: :warning: :danger: :punch: :shaka: :vee: :rocks: :attention: :question: :fishbone:. I’ve used the color sequence :green: :yellow: :red: once, but I’m thinking about not using the human shape with it.

Perhaps we can draw some lessons from this: It’s tricky to use emoticons for non-emotional stuff. We need more emoticons for emotional stuff. Some ideas:

  • dance ♩♪♫♬
  • awesome
  • boggle
  • disbelief
  • dispair
  • beg
  • hate
  • kill ⚛ ⚰
  • dream ☁
  • sigh
  • song
  • smooch
  • huh?
  • d’oh!
  • brainless
  • zombie
  • brains
  • brain
  • rain ☂☇☁ (but with rain?)
  • sunshine ☀☉
  • moon ☽☾
  • ommm
  • zen
  • bang!
  • exciting
  • boring
  • yawn
  • sleep
  • peace ☮ ⚖ ⚘
  • work ☭ ⚒ ⚙
  • war ⚔
  • check ✓

What do you think?

I notice with AmberStraub, that I use rain, clouds, sun, moon often.

I like the other ideas, as well. :anchor: would make sense for a page anchor, perhaps, but we already have a lighter colored heading for that.

The idea of keying to the name of the emotion, rather than the shape of the face rendered, though – I think that’s fantastic.

Hm, … If we rely on Radomir’s icons, not only are they bright and colorful, but they appear the same on all browsers as well.

“⚰” looks like a rectangle on this computer, a coffin while editing on my other computer, and a pill with a lump on the other computer’s web browser.

Absolutely. I just looked for inspiration in my Unicode text file – somebody would have to draw them.

Linked Icons?

linking to icons?:empty:question raised; workaround identified; clarification asked for

Alex, what do you think about making it possible to link to icons?

I made a bunch of 8x8 icons for wiki, for twitter, for blogs, and for posterous.

I was imagining that – next to “LionKimbro” on the right, I could put the little icons, and make them linked to the respective pages.

I’d probably need to use the images extension, because I’d need to css class it right, so that there wasn’t a border and margin and such, – but I thought it’d be pretty neat.

What do you think? I might be able to write it myself, (I don’t know perl,) but I thought I’d check with you, and see if it caught your interest.

Perhaps linked icons would be automatically classed differently, so that they worked more like inlined icons, and less like images.

Well, I’ve found a workaround: Using the images module, and then linking directly to the URL of the icon image. Not as notationally elegant, but it works.

I’m not sure I understand. Linked to what? Or do you mean uploading an icon to the wiki and then having wiki markup to use it like a smiley? In that case have a CSS class that removes the border and sets the line height to inherit and use the image extension: [[image/smiley:WarningImage||WarningLinkTarget]] – would that work for you?

Linked to your twitter feed.

So for example, by “AlexSchroeder” in the SideBar, you would have: AlexSchroeder :twitter: , except you want to link the :twitter: icon to http://twitter.com/kensanata .

At any rate, – I basically did what you said here, you can see it on the JigsawRenaissanceWiki now.

I’m uploading more for Posterous, generic blogs, and generic wiki as well, soon. (When I get home, I hope.)

Hm… coding… coding… :kensanata@twitter: :kensanata@identica: :kensanata@facebook: →  :)

This is from the Community Wiki config file:

sub MyRules {
  if (m/\G&lt;br&gt;/gc) {
    return '<br />';
  } elsif (m/\G:([-a-z]+):/gc) {
    return $q->img({-alt=>":$1:",
  } elsif (m/\G:([-a-z]+)\@(twitter|identica|facebook):/gc) {
    %url = qw(twitter https://twitter.com/
              identica https://identi.ca/
              facebook http://www.facebook.com/);
    return $q->a({-href=>$url{$2} . $1,
                  -class=>"image smiley outside social $2 "},
  } elsif (pos == 0 and m/\G(#!|\/\*)/gc) {
    my $pos = length($_); # fake matching entire file
    pos = $pos;
    return $q->pre($_);
  return undef;