LukeStanley says:

Sorry I’m new here, this is as best as I could think to introduce:

On a Facebook group, TheNextEdge? I saw that LionKimbro liked a post by an unknown CarolineSmalley?, entitled:

‘Tool for creating and connecting distributed networks.’


The conversation linked to pages talking about new economic innovations, resource mapping and collaboration projects, Lion mentioned ProjectSpaceNetwork, CommunityTiedToOneTechnology, EcosystemOfNetworks, and the conversation crossed platforms arranging a Skype call.

On the same group, Seb Paquet pointed out something along the lines of: EveryoneIsTryingToBuildTheSameThing I want to know more about the collective interest, it’s diversity, divergence, and WHAT the thing is, and how much progress there is as a whole, and any discretely separable disconnected parts of it.

What related topics to this are there here on CW?

Of course, the converse point is: But nobody is building the same thing.



This image is from The Citizens Media.

I guess everyone is trying to advance their vision of the future. Unfortunately this is too broad to be a useful observation. What were you and Seb and Lion talking about exactly?

CarolineSmalley? posted an image that I liked to TheNextEdge?.

I thought, “Oh, that’s a great picture of how communities work out online.”

For example: Inkscape. If you go to http://www.inkscape.org/, that would be the large blue “Community Site” circle. Then there are all these microsites around it – like wherever their source code is hosted, their wiki, their bugtracker, etc.,. And then they have a blog, and a blog on Google+, etc., etc.,. But then further still, they are part of a broader network: Open Clipart, GIMP, Scribus, …

I wanted to include it on CommunityWiki, next to ProjectSpaceNetwork.

Turns out! The woman who posted it, Caroline, is working on something called TheCitizensMedia?.

She and a partner in Whistler are working on a website design that takes this model, and writes software around it.

She wanted to talk with me about it, and we talked just an hour ago. I wished her well on her effort, though I personally don’t connect with it.

I haven’t read SebPaquet’s comment yet though.


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