Facebook Community Group

A Facebook Group for this wiki was created in 2012 by LionKimbro to try and keep the CommunityWiki diaspora connected.

The benefits and limits of FaceBook (and other SocialMedia) were also discussed in December 2012.

See the inclusion of the group into the page FirstFaceBookGroupCommunityWiki.

Also, I think I should copy some of this stuff to Community Wiki itself.

This group would be perfect for figuring out a good workflow that integrates FB discussion for sparking insights + wiki for capturing stuff that deserves persistence, naming, etc. Please post a link in this thread if you copy this stuff into some kind of digest over on CW!

no club membership card required

There’s been some recent activity in the facebook group, I read a little and just as it had been the first time when we wrote on facebook some months ago I couldn’t really tell at first sight where it started, what it was about, who answered on what. Copying the communication threads into different wiki pages, one for each topic talked about, is excellent. Excellent is also that people can read it here in the open instead of having to sell their souls to facebook for the user accounts. The most excellent - just mentioned not to be forgotten - is that all people can edit here. All. No club membership card required.

Actually, a password is required because the wiki is locked. It’s not actively monitored by enough people to prevent spam. I’ve tried unlocking it twice and it didn’t work out.

hmm. Let’s be in good hope for the new year it will all soon be open.

“Völker dieser Welt, schaut auf diese”(/quote)s wiki. And monitor it.

It feels much better to me to have a little communication in the community-wiki instead of facebook btw. It doesn’t take all this time consuming work to crack it open. It is already open.