Wikis … I just think they’re ahead of their time … That and the fact that people won’t really want to change the content of a site that isn’t theirs, because that’s a bit like trespassing. – Carl [1]

Once you break the seal of editing a wiki, you can quickly forget what it was like to be on the other side, looking in. A non-editor may feel inhibited by participating on a particular wiki, or even in wikis in general.

How can we encourage people to participate?

CommunalWikis will most likely want to ensure the continual introduction of new members

See Wiki:NewUserPages


i'm just trying to remember my own experiences/feelings, maybe others were different? --HeatherJames

BayleShanks: In the very long term, I expect that eventually everyone will have heard of wikis (I think they will be taught in elementary school, along with essay-writing) and this will cease to be a problem. Not to say that we shouldn’t worry about it until then.

RadomirDopieralski: I think that this term is not really that long after all: one generation.


Some of them will end up with something that is more like GooglePages? and less like WardsWiki. This is already happening now. A lot of hierarchical organizations reject wiki that is intended to be used in the way that, for instance, CommunityWiki is used. I think this is partially because the process tends to DevolvePower too much…


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