A kind of DistributedWiki. (SocialMedia?)

It inspired PhilJones to write his Wiki Manifesto 2012. He says:

I think we’re in a wiki renaissance. A “next generation”, return to and reinvention of wiki to take us to the next level.

PhilJones: SamRose, what’s the appeal of SFW for me? The insight that we should move wiki from a single server, which is vulnerable to spam, and where we struggle to integrate conflicting points of view, to a federation of multiple wikis where forking is allowed and resynchronization, when needed, is made easy (the Git model of wiki).

SamRose: I personally love SFW, but the user interface is not going to work for most people. Too complex. And the workflow is also not going to work for most people. Again, too complex. Oddmuse was also too complex for most non-programmer people. In both cases of SFW and Oddmuse, we have or had community to fall back on, to help fill the knowledge gap, and that worked to a degree. I am disciplining myself to write a page on Lansingwiki every day, and therefore get back into wiki writing in some way.

new: 2013-01-01 18:52 UTCMattisManzel: I like da manifesto! Didn’t get any deeper into sfw recently, sorry.

TimurIsmagilov: 8 years later, the wiki renaissance haven’t happened. I too crave for WikiRevival though.

Something to note: PhilJones has left SmallFederatedWiki by 2016 and I like his reasons:

Over-emphasis on Paragraphs

Indeed, not very practical. On the instances of the SFW I’ve seen it’s present as well. I’m not sure if they ran modern versions of the engine.

I’ve managed to find Ward’s instance: [1]. It was hard, actually. I had to join one of the Zoom meetings he does and follow the links in the chat. Seems like paragraph-centric editing model is still used.

Wikish Fights Federation

Wikish is PhilJones’s custom markup. Seems like SFW forces every instance to use its own markup. Too bad, I don’t think I want to use it, I prefer my own MycoMarkup.

There are other things he mentioned. Read the page, if you want.

How do I copy a link to the page? Really. I have no idea. It seems like the whole browsing session is encoded in the address bar. That’s totally not what I want to share with everyone.

What I like about SFW is those narrow pagelets, pagelings, pagies. They are so cute. Also, small line width is easy-to-read. And placing pages right next to each other is handy. When I need that on other wikis, I end up starting a new browser window or using Konqueror.