Fediverse Podcasters

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@kensanata@octodon.social makes Halberds and Helmets, on old school role-playing games in the B/X D&D tradition.

@jeff@toot.rainbow-100.com makes Jeff Reads His Book, where he reads and comments on terrible fantasy books he actually wrote himself under a silly time crunch.

@datenburg@bonn.social makes Burgfunk, the podcast of the Makerspace and Bonn chapter of the Chaos Computer Club. (In German.)

@NHonigdachs@norden.social makes Hidden Track, a darknet Musik Podcast (moderated in German language) that does not give a fuck about copyright.

@craigmaloney@octodon.social makes Open Metalcast, a Creative Commons Metal Music podcast (hosted in English).

@UrandomPodcast@fosstodon.org makes Urandom, a show when three Linux nerds, @thaj@fosstodon.org,@pokey@noagendasocial.com, and @x1101@social.nasqueron.org, talk about life, tech, culture and anything else we can think of with medium quality randomness.

@thaj@fosstodon.org makes Thaj Rambles, an audio diary and musings of @thaj@fosstodon.org.

@monsterjavaguns@mastodon.art makes the Open Source Creative Podcast, a show about making creative work using open source tools.

@CleverCrumbish@octodon.social and @Baronessbamf@mastodon.social make House Of Bards, an intermittent podcast about the “Shared Narrative” tabletop roleplaying style.

@klaatu@mastodon.xyz makes GNU World Order, an internet audio show about GNU, Linux, UNIX, and other technical and geeky topics. I release this show in open source audio formats. This is an anarcho-syndacalist, anti-facist, and pro-human-rights podcast. I stand in solidarity with all people of colour, of marginalised communities, and the oppressed around the globe. Leave your ad blockers on.

@Judd@mastodon.social makes Daydreaming about Dragons, a podcast about techniques for running role-playing games and finding inspiration in popular media.