Filtering is a strategy to use against InformationOverload.

Automatic filtering

Automatically block out uninteresting news or automatically only show interesting news based on keywords or other text properties. This is how traditional newspapers find interesting news in the raw news channels.

Manual filtering

In the face of InformationOverload, it is incumbent upon the user to attempt not to waste time consuming less important information.

One strategy that I find useful is to try to remember to spend a minute to review at the end of each news-gathering session. For instance, after I check out Slashdot or the New Your Times, I try to look back and think about each article link that I followed, and identify links that I could have skipped. Usually, this is most of them. The idea is that, next time, I will be more cautious and follow less links, thereby saving time.

Collaborative filtering

There is also a large class of filtering ideas which make use of the opinions of other users. See DelegateAgainstInformationOverload.