FilteredRecentChanges is a general term encompassing many sorts of filtering that could be applied to RecentChanges. Some pages which are specializations of this concept:

The easiest kind of filtering to implement on a wiki is to filter on the granularity of pages, rather than to filter individual Changes or individual comments.


See also FilterMore.

Reasons not to have filtering


OddMuse has something like this, right Alex?

Technical comments

Put filtering meta-info on page vs. decouple it from page

I think filtering meta-information (similar to categories) should not be on the page itself. Putting filtering information on the page discourages you from "slicing the information" in lots of different ways (because it adds more crud to the page). For example, it would be impractical for me to put "CategoryBayleShanksPick??" at the bottom of every page that I liked (because if everyone did that...). If the filtering information is stored elsewhere, however, this becomes practical. (this is related to the idea of a SectionedPage).

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