The five worlds that make up human experience

This is something that I’m calling, “the Five Worlds Mandala.”

It is part of the effort to IntegrateImagination, towards greater GeekHealth.


(Does CommunityWiki seem any more “fun” now?)



Part of the effort here, is to include the imaginary and the irrational as a basic, interactive, component of the world.

That is, to treat it as substantial, even though we know it is all in our minds.

The SimulacraAndSimulation? paper can give a feeling of “eeriness” to the imaginary, the ”simulacra.” (Even the name is creepy!) I.E., “Mickey Mouse” is a complete fake, a perversion of the mind, whereas the reality is real mice.

This mandala could be said to give rank and status to the imaginary, as a valid & substantial (though, still in our heads-) creature of interaction.

That said, this mandala was not constructed.

Rather, it is an imaginary that I encountered in the astral plane. :D

(That is, by the logic of the mandala, this mandala itself is from the Imaginaries.)

The mandala is complete and in integrity with itself, independent of context and interpretation, breathing its own life, living its own inner being.

The irrational is not strictly limited to the human world, actually.

It can be found everywhere- in nature, in our machines (every programmer should know this,) and likely even in the spiritual reality.

A plausible exchange:

“Why is the world here?”
“No reason; it is completely irrational, existing for it’s own sake.”

This actually, instead of being interpreted in a depressing way, can grant a lot of freedom.

Forget all this chatter, and just go back to the diagram, and the initial couple paragraphs or so.

It’s much more fun that way.

Ooh, I like those kind of things :)

It would be nice if people could express those kind of, well, mandalas (I tend to resist the term, but it’s true that it’s the best one available) to represents all kinds of stuff and how they fit together.

When I noticed Emile’s comment ”… how they fit together”, I found my thoughts flashing to a slightly different type of mandala that might like a piece of a jig saw puzzle. Consider …

  • Replace the central “People” circle with a personal my(Views?) circle.
  • Allow the radiating spirals to have different sizes when they intersect the enclosing circle.
    • This would make it possible to display a personal emphasis on each of the four sectors. (By the way, there could be more than four.)
  • If one of the four (or more) sectors is the people one is in Contact with, then it may be possible to use a graphical connector somewhat like a two circle Venn diagram to show how one person links to another. It may even be possible to nest this structure creating a third enclosing cirle that represents a community that includes the various interests of various members.

I’m not sure what the limits to this type of imagery may be and I suspect that it will be necessary to create a few, before that becomes apparent.

Neat work, Lion.


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