There are a lot of groups on the Internet that talk about CollectiveIntelligence, (HiveMind, GlobalBrain, what have you,) in one shape, form, or another.

Many of them are trying to gather people, in order to become a forum for collective intelligence, if not the forum for collective intelligence. One gets the idea that, "If we could all just work together, surely what powerful things we could do!" (InterCommunityCooperation.)

There are some funny things about our effort, though:

The first is: We can all agree that collective intelligence is pretty cool. It's really neat how Wikipedia came together, and stuff like that. We all like that.

But it's not exactly clear what we're going to do with this observation. There's little in the way of actions or motions. (ThinkTalkAct.)

So, what are we doing? Are we…

But we should specificly not be just- "We're studying collective intelligence." That seems to mean little more than "We're sitting by, and looking at what's happening, and thinking it's cool."

This is not to condemn people or groups who've been doing that. It counts just to want to participate, and not know how. But this message here is an aggitation, a suggestion of how we can move forward from there.

The next big question is: "Why are we so fractured?"

There's all these institutions, that claim to be "think tanks," or whatever, "studying" collective intelligence. (PlainTalk.) They all have a blog, and they all teach us the same things, and they all observe the same things as the rest of us, saying the same things, over and over.

It doesn't seem very intelligent, frankly.

And each has a forum for us to contribute to, to "take part in the dialog."

Who would want to join such a thing? Who would want to become a statistic, supporting the "So-and-so institute?" Who wants to help put dough into the hands of someone who's going to call themselves the "President of operations..?" (CommunityOnline, LargeOrganizationsDilemma)

So, it seems that we need some sort of neutral territory.

Neutral territory, and actual work.

Something that's being done.

Check out these guys at the Free Culture wiki. Of course, they can't be the Free Culture wiki, because they only target college kids- but that's not the point. The point is that they clearly have a plan. There are clearly actions you can do. You can go in, say, "Hey, I want to perform an action. What action can I do?" …and you'll see, first hand, what you can do. It's true- it's not perfect. But that's not the point either. This is the spirit of things that we're interested in.

When you have actual plans, then it's easy to talk about organizing, and putting efforts together. (InterCommunityCooperation.) That's because you have organs with power of commitment.


Another thing we can do better is inter-group communication, which is related to federating.


One of the tools I have seen as interesting is a TwentyYearPlan?. Let's start with where we want to be and work backwards to get there.

I'm one step ahead of ya'. ;) GyaHaHaHaHaHa!!! :D

HiveMind independence, here we come!

Honestly, though- I'm not terribly sure what you mean. Can you give me like, an example 20 year plan?

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