FreenodeIRC is an InternetRelayChat network that is a well known gathering place for OpenSource projects since way back. It began as channel #openprojects on the Electronic Frontier Foundation's EFFnet IRC network and grew quickly into its own network called Openprojects IRC.

The name was changed to Freenode when The Peer-Directed Projects Center officially filed as a Texas non-profit organization formed specifically to maintain the IRC network. Read all about FreenodeIRC at their website:

Some notable channels

Tune your IRC client to and /join in on the fun!


And closer to Home

Be a Catalyst

The Freenode philosophy from the Peer-Directed Projects Center:

"The "catalyst" role is critical to freenode and an essential building block of channels. No one is required to be a catalyst, but the users who perform this role ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the network."

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