Future Changes

As an organizational feature, to direct MicroContributions and to focus activities, we might want a page where we list what needs to be done.

As part of Oddmuse development, for example, we have long lists of items, some of them marked “DONE”. The table of contents turn into todo lists:

WikiPedia et al. have many transcludable templates for marking pages as old, shallow, needing refactoring, etc. and crucially automatic categories to show those pages.

Perhaps a simpler solution would be to just mirror RecentChanges; have a log that people can add entries to (with page and “proposition summary”) so we can direct the efforts of the community. Maybe we can even record completion with page edits (like closing an issue with a source code commit).

(ForwardIndex is a similar idea, but for page creation only.)


I’m interested in discussing with AlexSchroeder an implementation of this in OddMuse.

“of this” – of what exactly? 😊

An issue tracker built into a wiki?

Oh right, this somehow reminds me of one of my random notes about Git backend and issue tracking.

Also, there is Oddmuse:Ask_Page_Extension – although it was not meant for issue tracking, perhaps it could be used/reworked for that.

Yes, I suppose it is an issue tracker. It could become a very important part of inviting editors; it lets you instantly answer “what is on the community’s mind?” It gives us a “now” in the timeless WikiNow, and a clear direction for the future.

Well, for a while we simple used the Oddmuse:Front Page Extension as the Community wiki FrontPage. The extension is still installed but the front page is not at the front anymore. As this wiki has dropped into hibernation, there was simply no point in telling visitors what we were thinking about “right now”. The long Wiki Now makes old pages as important as new pages, and it makes “news” or “current topics” a bit irrelevant.

Oh and TomM?, check out DenotingAuthor.

It is not intended for “news” or “current topics,” it’s more to keep visitors & contributors up to date with where the problematic or undeveloped parts are, in both wiki and project terms (like your Oddmuse examples). Perhaps it is only specific uses of wiki that would benefit from this.

So, something to consider would be the Oddmuse:Checklist_Extension. The additional features would like to add: We could extract the items and collect them on a central page. This means that we want to treat them all as permanent anchors, too. We could like to tag lists and items. In the Oddmuse example, Alex Daniel sprinkled pages with TODO markers, for example. If we were to use a checkbox for every one of them, we would have an automatic todo list that linked us to the particular item. And we could tag them as “wiki refactoring”, “code refactoring” or “revolutionary change” if we were to try and reproduce the current situation.

The benefit would be that the discussion for the item could happen elsewhere. Right now all todo items of a particular tag need to be on a page with the tag name (“Refactoring”) and discussion is hard. In addition to that, it allows us to place one or more todo markers on a page (in which case discussion is harder… – unless we offered a separate “discuss this item” link to a specific comment page).

What’s the worst case alternative? We could simply tag pages as todo items using appropriate tags and the Oddmuse:Tagging_Extension. No futzing with permanent anchors required. Discussion page is always matched with an appropriate article page. The only drawback is that it’s hard to create these “item pages”. But perhaps solving that problem is easier. We could add markup like the following: [[TODO:Implement Future Changes]] and when the page is saved, we check whether the page “Implement Future Changes” exists and if it does not, we create it with the content Tags: [[tag:TODO]] and link to it. The markup [[TODO:Implement Future Changes]] creates a link to the page “Implement Future Changes”. We can search for tag:TODO (Self:search=tag%3aTODO). We can look at Recent Changes for pages tagged TODO (Self:action=rc;rcfilteronly=tag%3aTODO).


All these ideas keep floating around, but we need even more development power to actually implement these.


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