This page is about geek health, and the health of the geek culture, as a whole.

First, some disclaimers:

I write this page as a participant in an identity, the “geek community.” Some of the things I write here apply more specificly to me, and some of the things I write here apply to geeks in general, and not myself. (For example, I do not drink caffein so that I can wake up in the morning, or stay up at night, even though that’s “a geek thing” by stereotype.)

Geek Health: The Good & Bad

“Geek Health” is a real mixed bag. There’s things that we’re really good at, and things that we’re abysmal at.

Some of the obvious unhealthy things include stuff like regular self-drugging, and lack of exercise. Drinking “Jolt,” for instance, “Mountain Dew,” or even simple Coffee, may not be all that healthy. If we’re forcing ourselves to wake up in the morning, or if we’re forcing ourselves to stay up late, when our body tells us to sleep: These might not be very good things.

We may not exercise much, but we don’t seem to get broken legs or crushed ribs often, either. So there’s something.

A lot of people who use the Internet a lot don’t get sleep. I can personally testify to this one. This isn’t good, for a number of reason- sleep ties into a lot of systems, such as our attentiveness, our understanding, but also our body: things deteriorate when you don’t get sleep.

Being busy all the time, or incessant, is also somewhat unhealthy. There can be a lack of “down time,” “silence,” or contemplation. Being in a hurry all the time- it can be really bad for your psychic health. That said: If you need to be busy, that’s probably a good thing, and you get exponential rewards for your increased effort. So what’s probably needed is break-out time, “vacation,” things like that.

These are obvious things, about the body.

Geek Rituals

Geek Health: Developing the Future

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I’m a skinny geek, but not a big consumer of unhealthy stuff - I don’t know what Jolt is, but that may be mainly due to being a French geek (maybe we have Jolt; Red Bull seems to be the geek drug of choice). But then, I even rarely drink coffee (or alcohol outside parties, or medecine), and run mostly on water or tea. I do occasionally exercise (I’ll go out jogging two or three times a week, except if I’m sick or particularly busy), and get enough sleep - most of the time. I couldn’t play a musical instrument to save my life (though I do love to sing, much to the dismay of those who have to hear), but I can draw.

(Um, I’m not sure I understand the “image of self as logical (or more logical) being (negative ego)” part)


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