The Gemini text format (also known as GemText) is a HyperText format somewhere between Gopher (where menus contain links and text documents do not) and HTML (where every character can be a link and traditionally words and phrases are linked). The gemtext format is line-oriented:

A line of text is a paragraph, to be wrapped by the client. It is is independent from the lines coming before or after it.

A list item starts with an asterisk and a space. Again, the rest of the line is the line item, to be wrapped by the client.

A heading starts with one, two, or three number signs and a space. The rest of the line is the heading.

A link is never an inline link like it is for HTML: it’s simply a line starting with an equal-sign and a greater-than sign: “⇒”, a space, an URI, and some text. It could be formatted like a list item, or like a paragraph. Relative URIs are explicitly allowed.


# This is a heading
This is the first paragraph.
* a list item
* another list item
This is the second paragraph.
=> Absolute URI
=> // No scheme URI
=> /robots.txt Just a path URI
=> GemText a page link



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