Gopher Module 1.0

The gopher module is an extension of RSS 2.0 and Atom, just like WikiModule.

The purpose of this module is to allow us to embed gopher links in our feeds without generating a separate feed. This was necessary because there’s currently no way to have multiple links per item (see RSS 2.0 specification). So we’re moving our links to a separate namespace.


Namespace Declaration

This is the URL that tool writers will refer to in their code. You need to add this attribute to the root element of your document.

RSS example:

    <rss version="2.0" xmlns:gopher="">

Atom example:

    <feed xmlns="" xmlns:gopher="">

The prefix (“gopher”) used is up to the producers of the RSS feed, although using “gopher” might make it easier on tool authors that don’t implement XML namespaces.

The URL is what defines the namespace. As it points here, humans following the link can read the specification, which is great.

Item Elements (RSS) / Entry Elements (Atom)


RSS 2.0 and Atom have a link element, but people expect it to link to be a web link. Instead, we want gopher links.

RSS example:


Atom example:

    <gopher:link href="gopher://" />