The GroupUserInterface described here is a successor idea to the "GroupServer."

I think it will also help make clearer what I've meant by the word "GroupServer."


There are some interesting ideas in here:

This particular representation of the idea is clearly in the RealTime world.

Two [IntComm:EventServer? EventServers?] are pictured- InternetRelayChat, and [IntComm😀ingDing DingDing?]. That places us squarely in the RealTime domain.

While the diagram shows mainly just IRC rooms and a shared web browser, really what you'd want is to be able to incorporate just about anything.

…whatever. It'd all be there.


New, not quite finished.

I may just rename the page "CommunicationsBrowser?."

Is there a better place for a list of simultaneous editors ?

Let me see if I can summarize what I am seeing:

  • Stuff changes on my screen, in more-or-less real-time.
  • Some people are using practically the same interface as I am using, and we all see "the same" stuff (in that window): (directly) the raw text whenever anyone types it into the text window; (directly) URLs whenever anyone types them into an address bar (or clicks on the shared web browser); (indirectly) the web page corresponding to that URL (in the shared web browser); perhaps even pictures and diagrams we draw into a SVG window.
  • Other people are using completely different interfaces – such as the standard wiki interface – but when they punch their "save" button, I immediately see the change (sort of like clicking Refresh once a second while viewing RecentChanges, but without the clicking).
  • Anything else I'm missing?

The thing I like best is that it doesn't force everyone to use one big centralized system – it doesn't even force everyone to use locally-installed copies of the same software. It's chock-full of SideSystemsFirst. That makes it easier to upgrade any particular side system, or even for people to assemble their favorite collection of components.


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