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  1. Delighted to find this site can be edited once again!

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: Just a reminder-to-self that this page needs to be updated.

Hey Hans, good to see you again! I’ve looked through http://hwwobbe.tiddlyspace.com/, and a little bit of the Admanca wiki and the idea of geotagging with “pins.” I looked into working with TiddlyWiki a few times over the past couple years, but I keep up ending up finding myself squarely in Python. I think it’s just that developing in JavaScript can be a bit of a pain – because the sand is always shifting beneath your feet, and because there’s no good development environment. But I know I’m going to have to bite that bullet some day.

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justNow Currently, I am considering how to reduce this list that has gotten far too big! One solution is to remove many of the items that are no longer a priority to a WikiHive where a separate calendar can be used to schedule future items without interfering with overloading the current blog uses of the Community Wiki date pages.

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dfxMaps test

→ Hwo:…

  • Use the Hwo😀fxMapping Calendar to retain the value of the local Cw timestamps.

→ Hwo:2006-12-19_DfxMapping?

We will help you ‘install’ it, especially since …

  • I intend this to be as Open an environment as possible. For example…
  • We are providing a separate googleMaps interface for each department of eah of our Clients.
    • At this time we …
      • register with the google on the Clients behalf providing a ‘registered’ (proprietary?) base map
        • We then take the Client’s Address file …
          • (Canada’s federal Privacy legislation (a.k.a. PIPEDA) views just the Addresses as Public Domain. If a Name is associated with the Address then the Subject (e.g. Hans Wobbe, 12 Clark Secor Place, Toronto, On.) has many of the rights of an Owner. (’macro’ expansion of this statement is needed)
        • … and automatically generate a Pin for each and every Address in any of you Client’s master files.
        • Concurrently, we create a Subject Pin for each and every Address on a system-level “MasterMap?” that is Owned by the Subject.

Is there source code available for this application? I’ve been looking for a useful way to work with maps like this. Some people have created a somewhat similar tool locally: http://grassroots.wide.msu.edu/


We are using the standard GoogleMaps API in conjunction with a SQL Server database (large volume processing capability with triggers since we are planning to have a very large database of geocoded tags) and are gluing the two together with some very simple JavaScript.

I’d be pleased to discuss possible applications and even collaborate (or reciprocate) on some hosting activities since my folk are not particularly keen on supporting the WikiHive I am interested in having.

Removed to Hwo:BlikiNet?_2007-02

wikis & video

Hans, I’m not super-sure, but I think I had seen a you tube video embedded into your oddwiki some months (or even years?) ago. Unfortunately I don’t find it. I’d like to experiment with video on chain-video-wiki. Can you point me to your example (if such existed)? Thanks.

20 min later, found it http://eartwiki.org/cgi-bin/hive/ChainVideo/2007-07-21_Talk

I think what you are referring to in my tests was a simply link to a video that was at their site. I quite like the ide you’re testing of embedding it, but I see that involves opening the wiki to accept HTML, which I’m told is asking for trouble since it creates holes in the security of the system.

Mattis….http://eartwiki.org/cgi-bin/hive/ChainVideo/2007-07-22_Talk. RawHtml? works on that wiki.

Hwoever, a more secure way to create what you want to do could be via something like Drupal. Or, if done in OddMuse, then a module or extension that specifically allows embedding content only from certain sites.

Sam… An interesting idea, creating a module to filter ‘acceptable’ html posts. I don’t know enough yet to know if such code could be restricted to a particular destination, but that also strikes be as possibly an interesting refinement.

Lion once suggested merely changing the way we use the Admin and Edit passwords to control these types of issues.

I think it may be interesting to at least ponder how these different approaches might be combined.

I almost finished writing a module that would pass regular expressions based on URL of content enclosed in <html>..</html>. But then I talked with TheSheep on IRC, and he suggested an ingenious route to solving this problem that is much more secure than the idea that I was thinking of.

TheSheep suggested that we can take the code from OddMuse:YouTube, and apply the same rules to any content that we put on a locked “RawMap?” page, that would allow certain chunks of code that are specified on that page. So, if we wanted to be able to include code from YouTube, Blip.tv, de.licio.us, etc, we would just list it in “RawMap?”, and then we would use a syntax such as “[youtube:” etc. Working on that now….

Awesome. Thanks.

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endOfPageWikiMail ...

It seems to me that the most recent spam cannot be fixed easily. For example…

@ Hans I think that OddMuse maint script prunes revisions, so that could have been what happened to part of it, if it was very old. --SamRose


That pruning of old Revisions is indeed part of the script (at least in the versions I have). I did however think there is a test that ensures at least one most recent Version is retained.

Given what seems to have happened, this raises the question of how vulnerable some of the Dated pages may be to just a single edit spam attack, unless there is some other backup mechanism. I thought there might be, but I have no way of knowing, other than to ask. I certainly have generations of backup on all of the wikis that are under my influence,but that’s simply because its actually easier to include them in our stringent regular procedures, than it is to exclude them.

I used to rely on the COPY:… mechanism to ensure that I had an automatic copy of anything I cared about, but that no longer works.

Perhaps I simply need to stop being so … “retentive”.

Perhaps I should consider using an automated version of the POST capabilities … but that means I’ll have to remember how to learn a new trick :-)



1. “Bottom-of page” (footnote) link
3. Hwo:ThisWeek? - Using a TransClusion from a bliki here, in the main site, may be very effective.

Footnote Conclusions… So far, it is apparent that…

  • This markup can span lines.
  • Combining an image TransClusion with the oddmuse footnotes does indeed work. Now to evaluate this as a way of refactoring pages’’…
  • It is a bit disconcerting to have the position of the source text at the first location of the footnote, when it then appears in the rendered version as part of the footnote at the bottom of the page.
    • This does complicate editing. Can it be simplified by having a Footnote in a TransClusion.
5. ReworkIcon

Hans is testing ... 2007-01-26


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