hugs to CommunityWiki

I still lurk 😊

I’ve not been doing much lately involving online communities… Enjoyed my time off-line. But I find myself drawn back online lately! That’s where the work is 😊

About Me:

I teach communications and intro programming to anxious first year students at a local college. And I do some web design; and I’m about to start on an online community project, so of course Community Wiki will be useful!

I thought as a kid that I would be able to learn something new everyday… and while I enjoy learning new things so much- I’ve discovered it’s really a sign of my short attention span! It’s so nice getting older and more mature. Yay.

Some things I wrote elsewhere

Old Stuff

Tracking my experience in learning how to use this wiki

My main goal in participating on CommunityWiki has been to discuss with others how to design wiki environments; and to understand how to collaborate on a wiki; in short: how wikis work…. but you cannot attack the idea straight on. This is how it has gone for me so far.

(To see some others’ perspectives on their experience see: MyFirstPage )

Next I had a couple failures….

First I tried to write about WhenToUseWiki - which kind of fell flat. The problem was I was attacking the problem at the center. Lion explained why this didn’t work: “If we wrote WikiAsCMS, and then WikiForGroupCollaboration?, and then WikiForDocumentation, and a few other stories as well, then- we could briefly summarise them here, on WhenToUseWiki, and link to the fuller stories”

And so.. I thought about the little things, and wrote:

Since that experience, I think I have a better understanding of how ideas develop within a wiki… but I am still learning. I think the only way to actually ‘grok’ wiki is to use one.

Outside of creating individual pages, I have read extensively here, and commented and asked questions where I felt I needed clarification. I think the majority of my contributions, outside of new pages, and some links or resources are in ThreadMode… I think CW has a strong tendency towards that because of the picture-post combination. I have not yet been brave enough to attempt a serious refactoring of other’s pages.

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Hi Feather!
I’m glad you’re back here
and I miss pir

I did not know indeed that pir Would up and go and disappear.

Maybe Pir, like me you see, Needed a break to the sun and the sea.

I’m glad to be back I hope I don’t get any flack.

Great to see you again, Heather!

I’ve been busy offline lately. (See LionKimbro for details.)

tc, Lion

Good to see you again, Heather. I still remember discovering outlandish crocheting on your site so many years ago… 😊

I just wanted to say hi. Nice to see you again.

Coucou Heather. If you plan to visit Paris, just ping on CommunityWiki. (Currently focused to organize an OpenCamp? in Paris dedicated to innovation and based on Philo-SciFi topics.)


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